In 2006, our media center is still at the Coyne Center grade school and our build team is still at Ken-Tronics. Our robots name this year is "Alice" after Alice West, the wife of one of our engineers Neil West and a beloved team member. Alice unexpectedly passed away this fall and we miss her.
We attended the Midwest regional already and finished 9th over all out of 30 total teams. Through the alliance picking we were moved up to the 5th seed  and chose teams 107 and 1806 to go with us. Unfortunately we were eliminated in our third match of the Quarter Finals. It was an excellent match and we only lost by 3 points. We did win the Sportsmanship Award and a Safety Award, we were very happy with the out come of this regional.
We also attended the West Michigan Regional.  We had some stability problems  in a few matches, but our drive team soon compensated and we had some really great matches.  We only won two and finished 39th  but they out standing performance of our drive team got us noticed by the number one seed team 322 and along with team 66 we went into the finals.  We won two out three matches in the  quarter finals but were eliminated in the semi finals by teams 503,70, and 451.  This alliance went on to win the regional.  We were given a "Best Alliance Partner" Award by team 66.  We did not bring home any trophies from this regional but we have been inspired to improve our team and ourselves and we are looking forward to next year.