In 2007, our media center was still at Coyne Center Grade School and the build center was still at Ken-Tronics. The robot name was Spartacus, following our tradition of conquerors as robot names.

                We attended the Midwest Regional. We got chosen by the #1 seed team, Team 1000 who also chose Team 447. After 5 very long, invigorating matches in the finals and we ended up as Finalists. Everyone was very happy to have gotten that far. The team placed 9 out of 30 teams. We brought home the Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award for our Autonomous mode and our head engineer, Ed Wegscheid, won the Woody Flowers award. It was a great thing for him to receive his last year on the team after being with the team 9 years. The team also won ‘Day 1 - Spirit Award’, ’Day 1 - Safety Award’, ‘Overall - Spirit Award’ and ’Overall - Safety Award’ from Team 1710, ‘Amazing Autonomous Award’ from Team 1625 and ‘Gracious Professional Award’ from Team 904.

                We then attended the Championship competition in Atlanta, GA. We were in the ‘Curie’ division. We placed 32 out of 86 teams in our division. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any FIRST awards but we did win the ‘Video Award’ from Team 364.