Mission Statement


The goal of QC Elite Team #648 Robotics is to inspire young men and women to be future engineers or scientists.  The work and planning that is involved in preparing for competition gives students the opportunity to work closely with engineers, to understand the design process, and to deal with the limitations of cost, time and materials.  The main focus of Team #648 is to come together as a team, successfully design and build a robot, and put forth the teamís best effort at regional/national competitions. 

Participation in FIRST Robotics meets the Sherrard Community School Districtís and the Davenport Community School Districtís overall education goals by having students use key concepts and underlying themes, having students look for solutions to everyday problems, and having students apply scientific principles and engineering concepts to real world problems. 

By relating ideas and information within and across each of the content areas and making learning experiences more meaningful, Team #648 believes our students are better able to meet local and national standards in math, science, and technology.

The students, teachers, and volunteers of Team #648 come from local schools in the bi-state area.  The students have come together as a team and put aside differences between communities, schools, and states.  Community involvement and mentoring has become an important goal for Team #648, where volunteering through community projects helps encourage motivation, teamwork, and a positive exposure to our team.