2008 Bald Eagle Days

Pictures from bald eagle days

            On January 12 and 13, the QC Elite Robotics Team participated in the 2008 Bald Eagle Days at the QCCA Expo Center.  On January 12, Dwyer and Michaels, the DJ’s from 96.9, came and test-drove our robot.  The two drove the robot for around ten minutes and enjoyed trying to drop the tubes onto kids in the audience.  Shortly after they left, Jason Fechner and James Zahara from news channel eight also came and test-drove the robot.  Though, they weren’t as good as Dwyer and Michaels because they only scored on the “spider” one time.  When they had finished playing with the robot, they invited us to come and do a demonstration on the news sometime in the near future.  We are still setting that up. 

             On Sunday January 13, things were very busy with people constantly coming by and watching us.  However, we did run into some problems with the robot and spent a great deal of time fixing it.  But when the robot was working, the little kids in the audience enjoyed watching the robot put tubes on Emily Godwin’s head.  The team had a lot of fun doing demonstrations and informing people about our team.  We can’t wait to go back next year!